How Airports Can Use Chatbots to Improve Passengers’ Experience

How Airports Can Use Chatbots to Improve Passengers’ Experience

Most passengers will agree that communication with airports can be a long and stressful process. Major airports today have on-call customer service. But often, it means long waiting times before getting the requested information. Queries over email or on social media platforms can take even longer. 

Recently, airports have faced a crisis of being unable to support passengers after the staff has been reduced due to the pandemic. 

There is one tool that can help airports tackle this problem. The solution is an artificial intelligence chatbot created for the travel industry. Chatbots help airports improve passengers’ experience and can also increase revenue.

Why Chatbots Have Became Popular in the Airports

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots have helped companies communicate efficiently with passengers and deliver better experiences. Every year more airlines and airports use AI-driven chatbots. 

A conversational chatbot helps airports save resources by providing answers to all common queries and topics such as:

  • Searching for flights, accommodation, activities
  • Flight information
  • Questions about the flight arrival/departure time
  • Common queries regarding travel documents
  • Questions about excess baggage or restricted items
  • and other frequently asked questions

Therefore, chatbots have been successfully adopted by airports.

Customers are happy because they get relevant information right away. The airports can reduce the costs of customer support. But let’s take a closer look at why airports should rapidly adopt chatbots powered by AI.

Airport Chatbot Use Cases

Enhance Passenger Experience

Airports try to keep customers happy by juggling between information retrieval and response time. 

It’s nearly impossible for one desk to respond to changing flights, available accommodation reservations, and other relevant information through one agent.

The Eddy AI assistant has been created to resolve these issues for airports and keep the customers satisfied at all times.

Automate Flight Search

Chatbots allow flight search to be much more conversational and efficient. The user only needs to input the desired date and time then the chatbot will recommend the closest match.

For example, just send a message asking for flights from London to New York. The Eddy AI chatbot will show you the options in a few seconds. 

Eddy AI Travel Assistant Helps to Search for Flights
Eddy AI Assistant Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Inform And Support 24/7

Airports can hand over airport-specific requests to the conversational AI assistant. The chatbot can automatically answer the most frequently asked questions about the airport, facilities, services, parking, restaurants, check-in, travel requirements, etc.

You can open the chatbot and see the quick options shown as carousel cards or type any other airport-specific question to get an answer.

Reduce Customer Support Costs

Chatbots powered by conversational AI not only respond at top speed but also use natural language processing to help passengers with their questions. The airport chatbot can instantly provide support in various languages as well. 

For example, you can use the Eddy AI assistant in English, Russian or Lithuanian below. Try to open the chatbot and type questions to start the conversation.

Airports that use chatbots can reduce customer support costs because most travelers will get the information they need by interacting with the AI-powered chatbot. The chatbot can significantly free up the agents’ time. Hence, the agents can focus just on the questions that require additional human assistance.

Promote Paid Services

Airports use chatbots as an upselling tool to suggest and sell additional services. Passengers can get information about parking, fast-track, business lounges, and other services that the airport provides by simply chatting with the AI assistant.

Connect With Passengers Using Social Media

The airport AI chatbot can assist users not only on the website but also on social media channels.

The Eddy AI assistant can be quickly integrated on any channel – website, mobile app, Facebook page, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more.

Eddy AI Assistant Shows Paid Services Provided at Kaunas Airport

Airports Chatbot Examples

The reasons above show why airports use the Eddy AI assistant.

Vilnius airport operating in Lithuania is an excellent example of how it uses a conversational AI chatbot developed by Eddy AI. Vilnius Airport AI Assistant covers most customers’ use cases and provides digital assistance to users on the airport website.

The AI-powered chatbot provides everything a passenger needs to know to prepare for the journey. That includes the check-in services, baggage requirements, required travel documents, and more.

On the airline’s website, people can open the AI assistant by clicking on the chat widget icon in the bottom right corner of the page. After starting a conversation, travelers will see quick options shown as carousel cards and can interact by simply messaging the bot. Travelers can get answers to their questions through a seamless conversation with the AI assistant.

Eddy AI Assistant on Vilnius Airport Website

Palanga and Kaunas airports also use chatbots developed by Eddy AI to make the airports’ operations smooth for their passengers and sell additional services.

The airports offer recommendations like parking reservations, hotels, flights and more. The chatbot can also answer additional questions from passengers to help them find the best travel deals. The Eddy AI is a travel bot that can easily increase sales through live chat.

Eddy AI Assistant Helps to Find Hotels on Palanga Airport Chatbot
Eddy AI Assistant Helps to Find Tours on Kaunas Airport Chatbot

This is a full spectrum of advantages why airports use chatbots. Airports and numerous companies use Eddy AI assistant to automate frequently asked questions and sales.

These airport chatbots developed by Eddy AI help to reduce customer support costs or deal with the shortage of staff. Eddy AI assistant improves the passengers’ experience, covers most of the use cases and can be used to engage with customers on websites or other social channels. Register below and try the Eddy AI on your website.

About Eddy AI

Eddy AI is a fully automatic assistant chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The AI assistant is available 24/7 to help the visitors of your website, Facebook Page, Instagram, and other channels. By simply chatting, visitors will get product offers and answers to frequently asked questions in real-time. Learn more.




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