Automate Sales and Support on Facebook and Messenger

Provide a seamless customer support experience 24/7 with a cutting-edge conversational AI chatbot.

Meet Eddy AI Assistant

Eddy AI is a fully automatic assistant chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The AI Assistant is available 24/7 to help the visitors on Facebook Page and Messenger. By simply chatting, visitors will get product offers and answers to questions in real-time.

Eddy AI Assistant

Global Travel Inventory

The AI travel assistant gives you instant access to millions of offers from the world’s leading travel brands.
Skyscanner-Eddy AI
Skyscanner - partner-Eddy AI

Earn Commission
From Travel Sales

For accommodation, activities, and car rental bookings, you will receive from 5% to 12.5% in affiliate commission. For flights, you will receive the commission not only for finalized bookings but also some redirects. The exact commission will depend on the travel product sold, where it happened, discounts applied, and other criteria.

• Accommodation: from 5% to 12.5%
• Activities: 8%
• Car rentals: from 5% to 10%
• Flights: up to 1%

Reduce Support Costs on Facebook

Install the Eddy AI Assistant on your Facebook page and provide a seamless customer support experience. It’s an easy way to optimize support, increase customer satisfaction, boost sales and revenue.
Reduce support on Facebook page with Eddy AI Assistant
Reduce support on Facebook page with Eddy AI Assistant mobile


The AI Assistant can seamlessly integrate into your Facebook and Messenger pages. Customize everything from the colors to the custom onboarding to match your brand.
Customize Eddy AI Assistant on your Facebook Page and Messenger
Cuztomize Eddy AI Assistant on Messeger mobile

AI Assistant Benefits

Here are more reasons to integrate the Eddy AI chatbot:


The AI assistant is free to use by any company or organization.

Quick Setup

Integrate on Facebook and Messenger in just minutes.

Full Customization

Make the AI assistant an extension of your own brand.

More Revenue

Monetize your social media pages better and increase revenue.

Millions of Offers

Access millions of offers from the world’s best travel companies.

Available 24/7

The AI assistant is available 24/7 to engage your followers.

Detailed Analytics

Receive detailed reports about the engagement and sales.

Quick Support

Do you have any questions?
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“At EButler, our goal is to create an incredibly convenient experience for our users every time they need something in their life. As we strive to raise the bar, we are always looking for world-class partnerships. We are extremely excited to partner with Eddy AI, who offers a unique experience not found anywhere else in the world.“
“At Food’n Road, we help travelers to explore the world through flavours and culinary traditions. Our initial focus is Portugal, in addition to offering the best food travel experiences, we are happy to count on Eddy AI technology to provide a broader travel planning experience for our users.”

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Eddy AI is used by hundreds of companies and organizations worldwide, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the commission rates, tracking, reports, payments, and more:
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