Sell And Support Your Customers Automatically 24/7

Increase Sales and Reduce Support Costs

Start generating sales on autopilot and provide a seamless customer support experience with the Eddy AI Assistant. The AI Assistant can be quickly integrated on whichever channel your customers use, from your website or mobile application to the most popular social media messaging apps. It’s an easy way to optimize support, increase customer satisfaction, boost sales and revenue.
Increase Sales and Reduce Support

How Eddy AI Works

Eddy AI is a fully automatic assistant chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The AI Assistant is available 24/7 to help the visitors of your website, Facebook Page, Instagram, and other channels. By simply chatting, visitors will get product offers and answers to questions in real-time.
Eddy AI Assistant can help you with automate sales and support
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Chat in Over 80 Languages with Eddy AI assistant

Chat in Over 80 Languages

The AI Assistant can understand and respond in over 80 languages. The multi-language selection is available for Premium plan features. With the forever Free plan the chatbot will respond to all queries in English by default.

Automate FAQ support

Leave no questions unanswered! Upload your FAQ and the AI Assistant will answer your customer questions in over 80 languages. If the AI Assistant cannot answer some questions, they will be recorded and sent to a live agent on the support channel you choose.
Increase Sales and Reduce Support with AI assistant
Eddy AI Assistant on WhatsApp - automate sales and support with AI-powered chatbot
WhatsApp AI assistant chatbot

AI Assistant on WhatsApp

The AI Assistant is available 24/7 to help your customers find the best product offers and get instant answers to frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Eddy AI

Here are more reasons to install the Eddy AI Assistant:
Automated sales

Automated Sales

Boost your website’s monetisation and start earning revenue from automatic sales.
Full customization

Full Customization

Make the AI Assistant an extension of your own brand.

Available 24:7

Available 24/7

The AI Assistant is available 24/7 to engage your customers.
Detailed analytics

Detailed Analytics

Receive detailed reports about the user engagement.
Free plan

Free Plan

Not sure if Eddy AI is for you? No worries, try our forever FREE plan!

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The Eddy AI Assistant can seamlessly integrate into your website or application as a fully white-labelled solution. Customize everything from the widget icons to the color scheme to match your brand.
The Eddy AI assistant easy cuztomization to match your brand mobile
The Eddy AI easy cuztomization to match your brand

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Eddy AI is used by hundreds of companies and organizations worldwide, including:

About Us

Eddy Travels Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with an R&D office in Vilnius, Lithuania. Over 4 million people worldwide have already used the Eddy AI Assistant to receive product offers and FAQ answers in seconds. Cutting-edge technology for natural language understanding (NLU) and personalisation is powering the Eddy AI Assistant. The company is backed by Techstars Toronto, Practica Capital and Open Circle Capital VC funds.
Eddy AI Assistant Team mobile
Eddy AI Assistant Team
Automate Sales & Support With an AI Assistant

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