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Integrate Eddy AI Assistant Into Top Social Media, Messaging, and Chat Platforms

Start automating sales and support with the Eddy AI assistant! Allow your customers to search product offers and get instant answers to frequently asked questions automatically 24/7. Easily integrate the AI-powered assistant chatbot into the most popular social media, messaging, and chat applications.

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Facebook & Messenger

Acquire new customers, generate more revenue, and reduce your customer support costs with the Eddy AI assistant on Facebook and Messenger. The AI-powered chatbot will provide a seamless customer experience by responding to your social media followers’ messages instantly instead of in hours or days.

With an AI assistant on Facebook and Messenger, you get:

  • Rich messages: images, videos, cards, carousels, and quick replies.
  • Voice message support: allow your customers to interact with the AI assistant in both text and voice.
  • Live agent handovers: take over the chatbot conversations via the Facebook page Inbox.
  • “Send Message” buttons: get more chatbot conversations with the call-to-action buttons on your Facebook page or individual posts.
  • Sponsored messages: re-engage people who previously messaged your page with sponsored message ads.

Instagram Direct Messages (DMs)

Turn direct messages into sales with an AI assistant on Instagram. When a user sends a private message to your Instagram business account, the AI-powered chatbot will automatically respond with your product offers or relevant FAQ information.

The Instagram Business DMs integration is similar to Facebook and Messenger. It includes rich messages, voice message support, live agent handover options, and more. Additionally, you can proactively send an automated chatbot message to any user who has reacted to one of your Instagram stories.

It’s Kaunastic, the official account of Visit Kaunas on Instagram.

Eddy AI assistant chatbot on WhatsApp with voice audio message understanding support

WhatsApp Business

Over 2 billion people use the WhatsApp application every month. With the WhatsApp Business integration, you get a new way to engage with your current and potential customers.

Users can send both text and voice messages to the AI chatbot to get instant information about your products or services. Your business will also stay on top of your customer’s mind by remaining in the user’s WhatsApp conversation list.

Try the AI travel assistant on WhatsApp with voice message support:


Connect with over 700 million people with an AI-powered assistant on Telegram. Promote your products or services and answer any customer questions on autopilot. Telegram users can also send both text and audio messages to interact with the AI assistant. Additionally, users can add the AI assistant to group conversations, making the decision-making process even easier.

Try the AI travel assistant chatbot on Telegram:

Eddy AI Assistant chatbot support automation on social media, messaging, and chat platforms

Twitter, Slack, Line, Viber, WeChat, and More

The AI assistant can be integrated into many other social media and messaging platforms. If you receive many messages on Twitter, the AI assistant can significantly improve the user experience.

On Slack, you can integrate the AI assistant and quickly provide relevant information for sales, HR, IT, training, or other purposes. If your customers are predominantly based in Asia, you can launch an AI-powered chatbot on Line or WeChat. This will allow you to effectively support your customers on whichever platform they use the most.

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Eddy AI is a fully automatic assistant chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The AI assistant is available 24/7 to help the visitors of your website, Facebook Page, Instagram, and other channels. By simply chatting, visitors will get product offers and answers to frequently asked questions in real-time. Learn more.




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