Blue Ribbon Bags Now Supports Customers With Eddy AI Assistant

Blue Ribbon Bags Now Supports Customers With Eddy AI Assistant

Blue Ribbon Bags has integrated the Eddy AI assistant to help answer their customers’ frequently asked questions automatically in 11 languages. You can find the chatbot on Blue Ribbon Bag’s website, Facebook page, Messenger, and Instagram accounts. Click on the button below to try the new AI assistant:

Blue Ribbon Bags is a lost baggage concierge service that travelers can use to protect their mishandled bags. For a $5 service fee, Blue Ribbon Bags will track and expedite the return of the lost luggage by any airline within the first 96 hours of the bag being lost.

If Blue Ribbon Bags cannot reunite the travelers with the lost baggage within four days of arrival, the company will compensate for each bag. Blue Ribbon Bags will provide the clients with satisfaction guarantee payments of $1,000 USD per bag. That’s even if the bags are found and returned after the 96-hour service period.

Blue Ribbon Bags sells their delayed baggage protection services through its website and has hundreds of partners and providers worldwide. Their partners include companies such as, Flight Centre, LastMinute,, Cleartrip, Rehlat, and many others.

BRB is using Eddy AI chatbot to automate FAQ support in Spanish

Blue Ribbon Bags Use Eddy AI Assistant on Messenger

Daniel Levine, President at Blue Ribbon Bags, said:

“We are very excited to partner with Eddy AI and integrate the chatbot into our website and social media platforms. This AI assistant will help our customers learn more about BRB services and get answers to the most common questions instantly. It will help to improve our customer experience with the automated Eddy AI support.”

Eddy AI uses cutting-edge machine learning technology for natural language understanding and personalization. The AI assistant will process user messages and answer the most common customer questions instantly. The AI-powered chatbot now helps travelers learn more about the Blue Ribbon Bags services in 11 languages.

Try the new Blue Ribbon Bags AI assistant with text or voice messages on their Facebook page, Messenger, or Instagram direct messages. Press on any of the buttons below:

About Blue Ribbon Bags

Headquartered in NYC, Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB) is a value-added service that tracks and expedites the return of baggage that is delayed while sending real-time email, SMS, & WhatsApp updates to the passenger regarding the status of the delayed baggage. If the luggage cannot be returned to the traveler within 96 hours, BRB will provide the client with a satisfaction guarantee to the customer. BRB covers every flight, everywhere in the world. BRB currently sells products in over 90 countries through some of the largest travel distribution platforms globally.

About Eddy AI

Eddy AI is a fully automatic assistant chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The AI assistant is available 24/7 to help the visitors of your website, Facebook Page, Instagram, and other channels. By simply chatting, visitors will get product offers and answers to frequently asked questions in real-time. Learn more.




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